Slinky Minx Pole Wear Our First Six Months!

Even though it has only been a short time, we are already getting known in the pole and aerial communities for our stylish and functional pole wear! Thank you to our customers and followers, keep getting the word out about our line!

Our mission to design and manufacture in the USA, a stylish and functional line of pole wear, using fabrics that give you the confidence to look sexy and perform or train in pole clothing that fits great and looks even better. A dream that has become a reality. Since our launch in early spring of 2019, we have added additional color choices and sizes to our original designs and recently premiered our newest style “Cuts Like A Knife”. A must have piece selling fast!

We were fortunate to attend ExoGen USA and Pole Expo in August and were humbled by our acceptance into the pole wear community. And we are just getting started! We are restocking and have new designs coming soon. We need you our pole friends to follow us, give us a like, show and tell about your “Slinky Minx” experience on social media!

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